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No, The One does not have internal batteries. It needs to be connected to an external power supply for cooking meals, warming the campsite, or any other functionality. Here are some of the ways you can power up The One during your outdoor adventures:
  • Vehicles with 2000W DC to AC Power Inverter
  • V2L Electric Vehicles
  • 2000W or Higher AC Output Power Station
  • Home Garden Used

The One does not have internal batteries, so you cannot recharge it. It needs to be connected to an external power supply for boiling water or for outdoor cooking. As far as its cooking capability is concerned, The One takes 6 minutes to boil 400ml of water, according to our test data.

Since The One does not have internal batteries and needs to be connected to an external power supply for outdoor cooking or heating, the total usage time depends on the total capacity of the power source.

For instance, when you connect The One to a 2000Wh Power Station and simultaneously use all its cooking modules – such as grilling, brewing, boiling and more – it will work for 1 hour, which is enough to prepare a meal for 6-8 people.

Likewise, when you connect The One to a 2000Wh Power Station and use it for warming the campsite, it will keep functioning for up to 3 hours.

The One does not have a solar charging option and it needs to be connected to an external power supply for cooking meals, warming the campsite, or any other functionality.

Yes, you can heat coffee, tea and water at the same time. Not just that, The One is capable of operating plenty of cooking modules simultaneously.

The 15 amp plug in a campsite can carry 1800W at 120V, which is good enough to run The One. If you’re using the heating module, the total power will not exceed the rated power, so you’re good to go.

But if you’re using The One for cooking, with all the cooking modules on (2 x coffee brewing, 1 x water boiling, 1 x heat preservation, 1 x stewing, and 1 x grilling), the peak power will be higher than 1800W. In that case, our intelligent control circuit system will limit the power to no more than the peak power and stabilize it at 1800W if it is higher than the peak power.

To put it simply, the total power of The One in the US (110-120V voltage) is locked at 1800W, so it can be operated at 15 amps.

Larger RVs may have been designed to include a kitchen, but they can’t move it outside. With The One, you can cook, stew and grill outdoors. Besides the cooking functions, The One can also transform from a mobile kitchen into an outdoor heater. With the Red-X FIR Tech, you can feel warm even outdoors. The One can also be operated by mobile power sources like Bluetti, and is perfect for a wonderful weekend outdoors.

Yes, it is. Just like an electric car, The One runs with zero emissions. It’s ideal for road trips or short-term camping with friends or family when used with a power supply, especially electric vehicles or RVs.

Even though The One is fairly lightweight at just 32lbs (14.7kg), we will be releasing more lightweight camping products in the future as well.

The One uses Red-X technology, which is more energy-efficient and heats up faster than induction.

The One has multiple modules for simultaneous cooking for 3-4 people, including stewing, grilling meats, cooling drinks, and boiling water, to take your camping experience to a new level. It’s also an outdoor heater, and can keep you warm no matter how cold it is.

These are some of the things that you cannot do with an induction burner.

The One has a peak power of 1800W in the US (110-120V voltage), not 2000W.

When you use The One with all the functions on (3 x water boiler, 1 x stew cooker, 1x electric grill, and others), the peak power (1800W) will be reached. In everyday life, appliances with all these functions will be higher than 3000W. Thanks to our Red-X technology, we can perform all these functions at 1800W. That's why the One is energy efficient.

When you change The One from the cooking status to the heating status, the peak power gets further reduced to 750W. The One is, in fact, a highly energy efficient device when it works as a heater, as it can heat up 4 people simultaneously with very little power consumption.

We have chosen the safest and most powerful laser in the civilian class for The One. When you activate it, you can see this laser during the daytime. If you get lost during a camping adventure, your campmates can activate this laser in the campsite to let you see the light from a long way and find out where your camp is.

The One doesn’t boil water by consuming infrared rays but by using electricity. The amount of electricity consumed depends on the temperature of the water, the local temperature and altitude, as well as the utensils being heated.

It is worth mentioning that The One is 30% more efficient in heat transfer than conventional heating plates and electric stoves, thanks to the Red-X technology.

Our manufacturing factory is in mainland China.

The One is IPX4 water and dustproof. The robust body of The One has been made from precious metals and metal oxides, and has passed several anti-drop tests. This makes it ideal for use in any harsh conditions.

The One will only reach peak power when it is being used in the cooking mode and all its functions are on (1 x water boiling, 2 x coffee brewing, 1 x keeping warm, 1 x slow stewing, 1 x grilling, 1 x cooling, 1 x buzzer, 1 x mosquito repeller, 1 x laser positioning, 6 x LED lights).

The peak power will remain only for the first few minutes to allow the heating function to reach the desired temperature. The subsequent power will drop to a low level to maintain the temperature, and our intelligent circuit system will automatically control power distribution.

In our laboratory tests, a 1200W grilling module with a crystal plate temperature reached 806°F in less than 40 seconds at full power, and when operated for 20 minutes, it consumed 0.213kWh of electricity.

The extension cord that comes with The One measures 2 meters (6.6ft) in length.

Our existing cookware is not meant for use on the plateau. However, we will soon release a plateau version of the cookware for those who want to cook on high altitudes. With that said, if you want to grill steaks and other food, you will not be affected by altitude.

To eliminate all safety hazards, we have set heat-resistant anti-slip rings around each module. Moreover, our utensils are also coated with a non-slip surface.

All portable power supplies with an output of 1200W are compatible with The One. However, if you want to make the most out of this great camping gear, we recommend using a generator/ power supply above 2000W.

If you turn all functions on at the same time, the peak power (and power consumption) of The One would depend on the voltages that apply to where you live. For 110-120V voltages, the peak power is 1800W, and for 220V-240V voltages, the peak power is 2000W.

For example, in the US (110V), The One consumes 1800Wh of electricity in one hour with all functions on. However, since we rarely turn on all modules at the same time, the power used by an individual module is as follows:

[When The One is in cooking mode]
  • Grill Module: 600w + 600w = 1200w (two heating plates)
  • Stew Module: 600w
  • Coffee Brewing Module: 250w + 250w = 500w (two heating plates)
  • Water Boiling Module: 350w
  • Heat Preservation Module: 25w
  • Cooling Module: 10w
  • Laser Positioning + SOS Buzzer: 1w
  • Lighting: 12w
  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent: 2w

[When The One is in heater mode]
  • Heater (Converted from Grill Module): 100w + 100w = 200w
  • Heater (Converted from Brew Module): 100w
  • Heater (Converted from Coffee Brewing Module): 100w + 100w = 200w
  • Heater (Converted from Water Boiling Module): 100w
  • Heater (Converted from Heat Preservation Module): 25w
  • Hidden Heater: 100w
  • Cooling Module: 10w
  • Laser Positioning + SOS Buzzer: 1w
  • Lighting: 12w
  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent: 2w

If you are using several modules at the same time and the cumulative power consumption is larger than the total rated power, The One will automatically allocate power using its intelligent circuit-control system in this priority order:
  1. Grilling
  2. Stewing
  3. Coffee brewing x 2
  4. Boiling water
  5. Heat preservation

In case you want to lock the maximum power of a function by yourself, you can do so by ‘long pressing’ the corresponding function button. When the light turns from green to red, it means the function will run at maximum power and the power of other functions will automatically reduce.

Also note that the above situation only needs to be considered in cooking mode, as the total power consumption will not exceed the rated power in heating mode.

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